Most-Read IP-Watch Posts Of 2011 Tell Story Of International IP Policymaking

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The most-read Intellectual Property Watch stories of 2011 demonstrated the versatility and range of our readers from around the globe, from an intense focus on international and national copyright issues to bilateral and plurilateral free trade agreements, to issues in India and Brazil, patent laws, patents in agriculture, scientific knowledge, and of course, policies emerging in Geneva at the World Intellectual Property Organization, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization and elsewhere at the multilateral level. Most of all, they tell the story of the year gone by, with clear signals of what’s to come in 2012.

It stands to reason that stories that were online since early in the year would gather more clicks, and that generally proved true with some exceptions. The story receiving the most hits for the year, somewhat of a surprise, was a brief item asserting that “US Lawmakers Backing Comcast-NBC Merger Were Paid By Comcast.” The story has been online since the second week of 2011.

The second-most trafficked story was also surprising, published in 2009 and in Spanish, about a much-discussed case of access to copyrighted works of philosopher Derrida in Argentina. The Spanish version is here, and the English version is here.

Third on the list was not a story at all, but rather the category of archived stories on Patent Policy, reflecting the increasing use of Intellectual Property Watch archives in research and policymaking.

The next three stories followed more closely the traditional pattern of IP-Watch readership, and also fit the theory that longest available generally equals most traffic, all coming in the first quarter. They included a piece about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement entitled, “ACTA Inconsistent With European Law, European Legal Experts Say”; a piece called “US Farmers Sue Monsanto Over GMO Patents, Demand Right To Conventional Crops”; and a special report describing the “Music Industry’s Lavish Lobby Campaign For Digital Rights.”

These were followed closely by a piece from April on “Lessig At CERN: Scientific Knowledge Should Not Be Reserved For Academic Elite;” and “Copyright Industry Must ‘Adapt Or Perish’, WIPO Director Says;” and the story archive category of Copyright Policy. The category of Trademarks/Geographical Indications/Domains also scored high in the year’s hits.

The next story broke the trend of longevity – coming in November – entitled, “In Egypt, Director Of Famed Library Of Alexandria Under Fire.” The story captured the passion of the struggle for change in Egypt and in its comment section provided a platform for vivid debate between employees and employers of the institution.

Following that was “The Top Legal IP Issues In The United States In 2011.”

The list of other stories among the top for the year (out of hundreds of published posts) spells out the tale of international IP policy for 2011:

Interview With Chief Judge Paul R. Michel On US Patent Reform
Inside Views: Brazil’s Copyright Reform: Schizophrenia?
EU Extends Copyright Protection from 50 to 70 Years
Stronger IP Rights Granted In EU-Korea FTA: Precedent For Future FTAs?
Inside Views: Brazil’s Copyright Reform: Are We All Josef K.?
Breakthrough Gives EU Principles For Digitising Out-Of-Print Books
Indian Supreme Court To Hear Novartis Challenge To India Patent Law
New ‘Final’ ACTA Text Published, Open For Signature
Patent On AIDS Medicine Denied In India; Seen Unlocking Market
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Did US Move Threaten Public Health?
Myriad Outcome: Winds Shift Again For Gene Patenting In The US
US Patent Reform Signed Into Law
Inside Views: A Glance At Current Patent Litigation In India
WIPO Committee On Development Agenda Suspended, Discussions Bogged Down
EU-India Agreement In WTO Dispute Raises Bar For EU Drug Seizures
’Washington Declaration’ Demands Return Of Public Interest In IP Rights
Traditional Knowledge, Folklore Treaty Texts Still Advancing At WIPO
Medicines Patent Pool Aims To Increase Access To HIV Drugs In Developing Countries
Autumn Brings Personnel Changes In Geneva
TRIPS Amendments Needed To Restore Balance In IP, Researchers Say
WIPO Committee Sees Breakthrough On Audiovisual Treaty After 11 Years

A special tip of the hat goes to the writer with the most stories in the top 35 most-read: Catherine Saez. Well done Catherine!

And to our dedicated readers, we welcome your feedback and look forward to the many new and exciting developments already emerging for 2012. Stay tuned!

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