IP-Watch Celebrates 10 Years With An Update!

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At Intellectual Property Watch, www.ip-watch.org, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary by innovating to bring you the best independent coverage of international intellectual property policy possible. We are excited to announce our new website design, aimed at making our content easier to read, navigate and organize, with a simpler layout, clear text, more images, and new features like the From the Regions section.

From the Regions – a new section providing a platform for recent news and information from the regions of the world, in your own language and style. If you would like to contribute from your region, contact us at info@ip-watch.ch.

In addition, we are working to freshen our story coverage, style and methods of delivery, such as social media and a better mobile experience.

We hope you’ll like the new look and features, and as always, we welcome your feedback and ideas, at info@ip-watch.ch.

What will the next decade bring in global IP policy? Find out at www.ip-watch.org.

Intellectual Property Watch is an independent UN-accredited media organisation founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 2004.


William New may be reached at wnew@ip-watch.ch.

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  1. Silvia Rodríguez-Cervantes says

    IP Watch was and is an enormous source of knowlege about IP. I follow your articles especially those related to biodiversity and traditional knowledge. Thanks for your work of !ten years!….

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