Donations Rise For Wikileaks To Post Trans-Pacific Partnership Text

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Nearly US$25,000 – and growing – in donations has been collected to hand over to Wikileaks if it successfully leaks the top-secret text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement currently under negotiation. The draft text has been blocked from public scrutiny while being shared only with industry.

“The TPP negotiations have taken place under an unprecedented shrowd of secrecy, denying all but a very few any input into the terms of the agreement,” says the website of JustForeignPolicy, the public interest advocacy group sponsoring the campaign. “The chapters that have been leaked are quite disturbing, revealing plans that would threaten public health, the environment, internet freedom, and the general well-being of perhaps billions of people.”

The JustForeignPolicy donation website is here.

Wikileaks is chosen as a middle ground to prevent an individual from leaking the document for profit. It also is seen as a way for Wikileaks, the group led by international figure Julian Assange, to show its continued relevance after its high-profile leak of thousands of confidential government cables, JustForeignPolicy said on its website.

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