World Health Assembly: Latest Texts Of R&D Drafting Group

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The latest available documents of the closed-door meeting addressing recommendations on ways to finance neglected diseases largely afflicting developing countries show progress heading into this afternoon’s session. They reflect efforts to agree on how to take the process forward, including agreement reached last night on putting the issue to regional groups later this year.

The document on progress made on “operative” paragraphs is available here.

The document pulling together all of the “prambular” paragraphs is available here.

For background, see here (IPW, WHO, 24 May 2012), and here (IPW, WHO, 24 May 2012).

Below is the full text on “operative” paragraphs heading into this afternoon’s meeting:

“Text as of 24/5/2012 at 22:26

CALLS UPON Member States*, the private sector, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations to [increase] investments in health research and development related to Type II and Type III diseases and the specific research and development needs of developing countries in relation to Type I diseases;
* And, where applicable, regional economic integration organizations

REQUESTS regional committees
to discuss at their 2012 meetings the report of the CEWG in the context of the implementation of the GSPA-PHI in order to contribute to concrete proposals and actions. [agreed]

REQUESTS the Director-General
to convene a[n] [intergovernmental] meeting open to Member States** that will take into account the results from national consultations and regional committee discussions,[as compiled in a report by the Director-General,] and will develop proposals, or options on (1) research coordination, (2) financing and (3) monitoring of R&D expenditures* [(4) possible instruments, including a binding global agreement,] to be presented under a substantive item dedicated to the follow up of the CEWG report in the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly through the 132nd session of the EB.
*as defined in the GSPA-PHI
** And, where applicable, regional economic integration organizations”

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