Swiss Government Postpones ACTA Signature

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Switzerland has postponed signature of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) until it has more information from several ongoing processes in Europe, the government said yesterday.

It said in a press release that the questions raised about the agreement in recent months have led it to reconsider, as it takes citizens’ fundamental liberties and legal rights seriously.

This was the message in the response of the Swiss Federal Council to a letter from the Commission on Foreign Affairs of the Parliament. According to an informal translation, it said that Switzerland renounces its signature and will re-examine the question when new elements are available on which to base its decision. These elements could include the procedures in the five European Union member states that have postponed the ACTA signature, the conclusion of the conformity examination requested by European Commission of the European Court of Justice, or the ongoing ratification procedures at the EU level, it said.

The original (in French) press release is here.

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