Study On Non-Agricultural GIs Supported By European Commission

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By Catherine Saez

The European Commission Directorate General for Internal Market and Services has awarded a contract to three lobbying groups promoting geographical indications to conduct a study on GIs.

According to a press release [pdf], Brussels-based Insight Consulting, a group giving advice on the protection and the promotion of GIs, Geneva-based Organization for an International Geographical Indications Network, and Swiss-based REDD, which promotes “quality labels” and provides advice on product valorisation, received the award as a consortium. The object of the contract is a study on non-agricultural geographical indications and will provide an “analysis of existing legal frameworks in force in the 27 EU Member States,” as well as in Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The consortium, which said the results of the study should be available “before the end of the year,” is hoping that it “will assist the European Commission in identifying an appropriate strategy to address the key issue of GIs for non-agricultural products.”

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