EU: Key Committee Urged To Seek Parliamentary Rejection Of ACTA

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By Monika Ermert for Intellectual Property Watch

The rapporteur of the lead European Parliament committee on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, David Martin, today published his draft recommendation on the controversial agreement. If the International Trade Committee agrees on the draft, the plenary will be asked to state that it “declines to consent to conclusion of the agreement.”

The rejection would be forwarded not only to the European Council and the Commission, but also to governments and parliaments of all ACTA negotiating partners.

Martin, who had announced the rejection proposal last week, wrote in the explanatory statement that while the problems ACTA seeks to address are real, the unintended consequences with regard to individual criminalisation, the role of internet service providers, and the possible interruption of the transit of generic medicines are too grave.

“Given the vagueness of certain aspects of the text and the uncertainty over its interpretation, the European Parliament cannot guarantee adequate protection for citizens’ rights in the future under ACTA,” said Martin’s verdict. Yet he also asks the European Commission to “come forward with new proposals for protecting IP.”

The draft recommendation is here.

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