Global Fund Changes Continue As West Africa Team Leader Departs

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The head of the West Africa region for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is the next in the line of departures under the organisation’s reforms. On the way out, he sent around a passionate farewell email calling for a dedication to values, and offering a small window on the wrenching transition taking place inside the international organisation.

Dr Cyrille Dubois, the regional team leader for West Africa, said he “decided to leave” after 7 years, and heartily praised the team he worked with. He offered advice to others who may leave as well as those who stay.

“For those who are staying (and, Thanks God, you are the majority!) I’m confident that the on-going reforms will be for the best,” he wrote, according to a copy of the email. “But please always bear in mind the values of the Global Fund, especially Respect and Integrity. Should some of you not constantly live and work by these values there will be zero chances that the GF achieves its mission.”

“Also I’d like to insist with managers on the fact that it is now widely recognized by many studies that management by stress does not work…,” he added. For an organization to deliver it should build on trust and constant support to its staff. This might sound a strange statement in the current very stressful context but I’m confident that, after these difficult days are over, all managers will choose the right approach.”

Dubois signalled that more staff changes are expected.

“My first thoughts go to those of you who are anxiously waiting to know what their fate is and to those who have already been informed that there is no longer a place for them in the organization,” he said. “Please bear in mind that you did a lot to contribute to the results achieved by the Global Fund during its ten years of existence. You should be extremely proud and build on this success whether you continue working with the Fund or will go for new challenges.”

An indication of the magnitude of changes might be inferred by the Global Fund Secretariat webpage, which says: “The new Secretariat Structure will be announced soon.”

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