February Edition of IP-Watch Monthly Reporter Now Available

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The Intellectual Property Watch Monthly Reporter features the most important news on international IP policymaking, the latest on who is coming and going in the IP community at the United Nations, World Trade Organization, Geneva missions, regional and national IP offices, industry and non-governmental organisations, plus News Briefs on reports and events that do not appear on the IP-Watch website.

For this and more, read the Intellectual Property Watch Monthly Reporter, now available online for subscribers at www.ip-watch.org/reporter.php.

  • Page 1 Winds Of Change May Not Sweep Out Old Tensions At WIPO
  • Page 1 Difficult IP Issues Present Challenge At World Health Organization
  • Page 3 Panels Highlight Impact Of Trade And IP On Developing Countries, Biodiversity
  • Page 4 Global Music Industry Looks For Profitable Digital Future
  • Page 5 Court Says Governments May Demand ISPs’ Data On Possible Pirates
  • Page 5 EU Use Of Standardisation Policy For IP Regulation On The Rise
  • Page 7 EU Threatens Taiwan Over Law On Compulsory Licences
  • Page 7 China Acts To Boost Patents On Publicly Funded Research
  • Page 8 Constitutionality Of Brazilian Pipeline Patents Questioned
  • Page 9 Thailand Skips Compulsory Licence On One Drug: Three To Go
  • Page 10 Thailand Moves To Amend Copyright Law To Regulate Royalties
  • Page 12 Renewed Drive For An Electronic Patent Database In India
  • Page 14 News In Brief
  • Page 15 People

Des traductions en français et en espagnol de certains articles sont disponibles sur www.ip-watch.org.

Las versiones en francés y español de algunos artículos pueden consultarse en www.ip-watch.org.

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