Thailand Toughens Copyright Law To Deal With Internet Providers, Unlawful Movie Recording In Theaters

Thai Copyright Act booklet Mar 2015

BANGKOK – Thailand has toughened its copyright law to include, for the first time, responsibility of intermediaries, or internet service providers, for infringement of copyright work on the internet, and separately, to penalise people who record movies being shown in theatres without authorisation with a maximum imprisonment of four years.

GI Experts Speak Of Value But Concede International Accord Hard To Reach

Bangkok, Thailand – Experts on geographical indications ended two days of discussions here by acknowledging greatly the benefit of GIs to national economies and cultural heritages, but conceded that it has been tough to reach a multilateral agreement on the protection of this type of intellectual property. [Updated]

IP Protection No Barrier To Green Technology Transfer, Says Key Negotiator

BANGKOK – Protection of intellectual property should not be a barrier in transferring technology needed by developing countries in helping them cope with the effects of climate change as most of the technology is currently publicly available, a key negotiator of the issue has said.

Bangkok Climate Change Meeting Aims For Draft Deal For Copenhagen

BANGKOK – Government officials and private stakeholders were urged Monday to strike differences from the 280 pages of negotiating text in preparing a draft that could become a global agreement on climate change in December 2009.

Thailand Seeks To Toughen IP Laws to Punish Buyers Of Pirated Or Fake Goods

BANGKOK – Thailand plans to toughen its intellectual property protection law to punish, for the first time, buyers of products that breach copyright and trademark laws, aiming primarily at pirated music and movies and fake brand-name goods, a senior Thai official said Thursday.

EU Says GI Products Would Benefit Asian Poor In Renewing IP Assistance

BANGKOK – The European Union told Asian countries Thursday that protecting geographical indications of their products would benefit their poor, rural people as the EU is offering to renew its intellectual property cooperation with regional countries with GI enforcement as a greater element.

Officials Urge Progress On Law To Boost Science, Innovation In Thailand

By Sinfah Tunsarawuth for Intellectual Property Watch BANGKOK – Recently enacted legislation establishing a national plan on science, technology and innovation is expected to boost Thailand’s competitiveness in science and technology, according to government officials. But it needs a renewed commitment and a budget, they told a conference here. “We shall see more scientific research […]

New Thai Minister May Review Compulsory Licences On Cancer Drugs

By Sinfah Tunsarawuth for Intellectual Property Watch BANGKOK – Thailand’s new Public Health Minister Chaiya Sasomsup said on Friday he might review the imposition of compulsory licences on three cancer treatment drugs by the previous government. “But review doesn’t mean cancelling the compulsory licences,” Chaiya told a group of 70 representatives of patients living with […]

Thailand Avoids Compulsory Licence On Cancer Drug; 3 More Drugs Undecided

By Sinfah Tunsarawuth for Intellectual Property Watch BANGKOK – The Thai government has decided not to use its right to a compulsory licence on a Novartis cancer treatment drug after the company agreed to provide for free its patented drugs for cancer patients under a major government-sponsored health insurance programme. However, current Public Health Minister […]

Thailand Moves To Amend Copyright Law To Regulate Royalties

By Sinfah Tunsarawuth for Intellectual Property Watch BANGKOK – Thailand’s lawmakers on Tuesday finalised a draft bill to amend its copyrights law in an effort to regulate the collecting of royalties in domestic music industry, which bill proponents say has been subject to extortion by gangsters and corrupt law enforcers. The bill, finalised on 18 […]