“The Evil Will Be Punished”: Russia Establishes Federal Service For Copyright

This article provides an update on recent changes in the copyright legislative and regulatory framework in Russia, in particular, following up on the first decisions enforcing the recently introduced law against online video piracy and the announcement of the establishment of the new federal authority for copyright.

Russia Adopts Measures Against Online Video Piracy

This month, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed Federal law No.187-FZ “On Amending Separate Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation Concerning the Questions of Protection of Intellectual Rights in Information and Telecommunication Networks.” The bill, which amends existing law, aims at boosting copyright protection online.

Asia-Pacific Region Vies For Biotechnology Industry Opportunities

Hong Kong – A recent conference here looked at the evolving biotechnology landscape in the Asia-Pacific region as well as prospects for networking and raising capital for early stage life science innovation.

Russia Establishes Specialised Court For Intellectual Property Rights

As of 1 February 2013, a specialised court for intellectual property rights (the IPR Court) is instituted within the system of commercial (‘arbitrazh’) courts of the Russian Federation.

Special Report Russia’s Enforcement Against Online Copyright Infringement

During the joint news conference held in Paris on 27 November by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, Medvedev was asked a question of legislative scrutiny with regard to internet regulation in Russia. In his reply, the Russian prime minister admitted that the current legislation regulating the internet is “imperfect” and called upon the international community to “consider parameters to regulate the operation of the internet on the national or international level.”

Russian Social Network vKontakte Held Liable For Copyright Infringement A Second Time

This week, the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningradskaya Oblast announced a decision holding vKontakte, the Russian largest social network, liable for copyright infringement. This is the second case between the parties in which the court sided with the right holder following a decision earlier this year.

Protection Of Geographical Indications In Russia: Is Russian Vodka A Protected GI?

For those who might be curious, the short answer is yes. For those who might be interested to learn more about the protection of geographical indications (GIs) in Russia, this article provides some insights into the Russian law that might be pertinent in light of Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization and recent developments in the international GI law.

In The Spirit Of Fair Play: A Primer On IP And The Olympics

Mapping out intellectual property issues related to the Olympic Games may itself constitute an engaging exercise: trademark and design protection of the Olympic indicia; data protection of Games results; personality and publicity rights associated with sports celebrities; character rights subsisting in the Olympic mascots; unfair competition law and other legislative means to address ambush marketing and secure the interests of the Games’ exclusive sponsors. The latter appears essential for the purpose of securing the means for staging the Games and sustaining the Olympic Movement.

Special Report: Russia Amends IP Law In Advance Of WTO Accession

By September of this year, Russia is expected to become the 154th member of the World Trade Organization – 19 years after the accession application was received and the Working Party on the Accession of the Russian Federation established in June 1993. In advance of the accession, the Russian intellectual property rights law is being amended to meet the WTO accession requirements.