Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of common questions and problems we receive, please have look here first before you send us any support request. If you cannot find an answer or a solution to your problem then send us an email at


Q: I am logged in but I still don’t have access to subscriber articles [top]

A: First, check that your subscription did not expire. If you have a valid subscription then logout, clear your browser’s page cache and log in again. If that doesn’t work, clear both your browser’s cookie cache and page cache and log in again.

Q: I just renewed my subscription but it is still marked as ‘expired’. [top]

A: Sometimes it takes us time to activate your subscription after you paid, especially when you use bank transfer. If this does not apply then try the solution above.

Q: I want to renew my subscription, can you send me an invoice? [top]

IP-Watch is a self-serving website, which means you can do everything by yourself online, including renewing subscription and asking for an invoice. Just go to your account, ask to renew your subscription then click on the link titled “Send me an invoice”, you will be sent an invoice to your email.

Q: Can I pay by check? [top]

A: No, IP-Watch does not normally accept checks.

Q: I cannot use a credit card but international bank transfers are too expensive, do you have another payment solution? [top]

There are a few alternative online solutions for cheap international money transfers like XE Trade or TransferWise.

Q: I want to use  IP authentication to automatically log in users of my group, how can I do this? [top]

If you want to use this option, you must indicate a list of IP addresses and/or ranges. An IP address has the form X.X.X.X (where ‘X’ is a number between 0 and 255, e.g. Alternatively, if you want to authorize a large group of IPs, you can replace the last two numbers by a *, for example:

  • 192.168.1.* indicates all IP addresses between and
  • 192.168.*.*  indicates all IP addresses between and

Those are the only form of ranges that we accept. If you have a very disjointed collection of IPs we authorize that you use ranges larger than your actual needs.

Q: IP authentication is not working for my group, is not working for some people or is not working in some places. [top]

If your group uses IP authentication but sometimes or some people cannot get access then check your IP address and make sure it’s comprised in the configured ranges. For your convenience your public IP address is indicated at the end of every page on Alternatively, you can just type “what is my ip” in Google.

Q: My group uses IP authentication but some users also want to read from home or when they travel. [top]

If you need your group’s users to use your group account from outside your premises you can setup a group username and password in addition to IP authentication. If the IP is recognized the user will be logged in automatically otherwise they will have to enter the group username and password.

The group username and password can only be setup and changed by the group administrator, on the group administration page.

Q: Nobody can remember the group username and/or password for my group account. [top]

There is no recovery function for those, the group username and password can only be setup and changed by the group administrator. To do so, log in as the group administrator and change them in the group administration page.

The group administrator’s and the group’s username/password are different accounts, and you cannot use one password for the other. These are often confused, leading to such scenarios where the group administrator requests a new password using his/her email address then tries to use the new password with the group username.

Q: I lost the username for my individual account or my group administrator’s account. [top]

If you don’t remember what email you were using for your individual account or your group administrator’s account then send us an email at with as much info as you can on your account and will find this information for you. Once you recovered the email you were using, if you also lost your password you can ask the system for a new one.