World Drug Regulatory Authorities Meet In Brazil; Biosimilars In Focus

Drug regulatory authorities are meeting this week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to discuss global regulatory issues such as vaccine regulation, falsified products, and pharmacovigilance. A “pre-conference” focused on biosimilars, with civil society warning on barriers to access to those products.

Global Medical Students Call For Shift To Health Over Trade, R&D

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines is calling for new incentive models for research and development so that new treatments can be found for neglected tropical diseases to fight antibiotic resistance, and is asking that health issues supersede trade interests.

Compulsory Licences Needed For Affordable Hepatitis C Innovative Drug Regimens

Compulsory licences should be issued to roll out generic versions of innovative HCV drugs. Only generic competition can push down the extortionate prices of these lifesaving medicines, while placing equitable access and public interest before monopolistic pharma companies’ business strategies, Daniele Dionisio argues.

New Medicines Patent Pool-Gilead Agreement For New HIV Drug In 112 Countries

The Medicines Patent Pool today announced a new licensing agreement with Gilead Sciences for a new treatment still undergoing clinical trials. This agreement is expected to allow Chinese and Indian generic manufacturers to provide low-cost versions of the drug in 112 low-and middle-income countries.

UNAIDS Gap Report: Need Smarter Scale-Up, Focus On People Left Behind

According to a report released today by the United Nations programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS), around 19 million of the 35 million people living with HIV do not know that they have the virus. But if the right steps are taken, the epidemic could be ended by 2030, it says.

Access To Vaccines, Patents Growing Concerns, Panellists Say

LYON, France – At the Biovision life science forum looking into translating innovation into health-related solutions last week, a panel of speakers shared their experience about the global access to vaccines. Although vaccination coverage is on the rise and intellectual property has not been a major concern in the past decade for vaccines, patents may well become a barrier in the future, panellists said.

Biovision: Industry Vision Of Disruptive Innovation Focuses On Production

LYON, France – The opening plenary session of an annual industry forum on life sciences, focusing this year on immunotherapy and ageing, highlighted disruptive innovation as a way to address growing public health challenges. The concept, however, seems open to interpretation.