Public Health Policy In 2010: Research Funding And Regulations

Finding ways to fund research and regulating medication is critical to international public health policy and intellectual property rights specialists in 2010.

Microsoft Drafts Consumers In Fight Against Software Piracy: Carrot And Stick

US software giant Microsoft said Thursday that users globally have started to join the fight against software piracy by sending in over 150,000 reports about problems with fake Microsoft products over the last two years.

New IP Model Proposed To Facilitate Technology Access in Developing Countries

By Wagdy Sawahel for Intellectual Property Watch Biotechnology policymakers, business leaders, and academics need to adopt a new intellectual property strategy focussed on cooperation and collaboration, rather than the current counterproductive model that encourages patenting as much as possible, says the report of an international panel of experts. Prepared by an international expert group on […]

New Geneva Think Tank Features Developing Nation Research On IP

By Kaitlin Mara A new think-tank in Geneva has found a unique way to bring the collective power of leading developing country thinkers and researchers to bear on Geneva policy-making, while allowing those thinkers to remain current by staying within their own national contexts. Its name is IQsensato. “We realised there was a missing component,” […]

Panel Shows Flaws In Global IP Enforcement Push, Especially For Developing Countries

By Kaitlin Mara Intellectual property is the last real comparative advantage that rich countries have, said a panellist at a recent International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) joint event. This may explain an increasing global drive for enforcement of these rights, but does not mean […]

El régimen de propiedad intelectual frena la ciencia y la innovación, según afirman laureados del Premio Nobel

Por Dugie Standeford para Intellectual Property Watch MANCHESTER, REINO UNIDO- El marco básico del régimen de propiedad intelectual (PI) pretende “obstaculizar el acceso al conocimiento” en lugar de permitir su difusión, según afirmó el Profesor Joseph Stiglitz durante una conferencia que tuvo lugar el 5 de julio sobre “¿Quién posee la ciencia?”. Stiglitz, Premio Nobel […]

Green Intellectual Property Scheme: An Innovation Today For Innovations Tomorrow

By Itaru Nitta, Green Intellectual Property Project, Geneva, Switzerland Since the current IP framework has been shaped in wealthy societies of the North, accompanied by fertile markets, the North is required to rebuild the framework if they attempt to expand it to the South without substantial markets. The revamped regime, namely the “Green Intellectual Property […]

Panellists See High Impact Of Bilateral Trade Deals On Geneva Policymaking

By Kaitlin Mara and William New A panel of government and non-governmental experts on intellectual property and biodiversity issues last week stressed the high impact that leading economies’ bilateral free trade negotiations are having on multilateral policymaking in Geneva. Panellists spoke at a 23 January International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) side event […]