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IP-Watch interns talk about their Geneva experience in summer 2013. 2:42.

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The Politicization Of The US Patent System

The Washington Post story, How patent reform’s fraught politics have left USPTO still without a boss (July 30), is a vivid account of how patent reform has divided the US economy, preempting a possible replacement for David Kappos who stepped down 18 months ago. The division is even bigger than portrayed. Universities have lined up en masse to oppose reform, while main street businesses that merely use technology argue for reform. Reminiscent of the partisan divide that has paralyzed US politics, this struggle crosses party lines and extends well beyond the usual inter-industry debates. Framed in terms of combating patent trolls through technical legal fixes, there lurks a broader economic concern – to what extent ordinary retailers, bank, restaurants, local banks, motels, realtors, and travel agents should bear the burden of defending against patents as a cost of doing business.

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    22/11/2013: Goodlatte Patent Bill Heads To House; Trolls Not So Bad, After All?
    20/11/2013: Goodlatte Patent Troll Bill Being Marked Up; Patent Lawyers Say Let AIA Work
    14/11/2013: CNET: Judge Dismisses Authors’ Case Against Google Books
    13/11/2013: US Supreme Court Declines Review Of Controversial Copyright Ruling
    12/11/2013: “The Evil Will Be Punished”: Russia Establishes Federal Service For Copyright
    07/11/2013: FSFE On Rockstar vs. Google: “Software Patents As A License For Privateering”
    31/10/2013: Industry Questions Canadian Courts’ Overturning Of Patents
    24/10/2013: Antigua Creating Platform To Monetise Suspended US IP Rights From WTO Case
    18/10/2013: European Commission Market-Tests Samsung Antitrust Commitments
    09/10/2013: USTR Support Of USITC Ban On Samsung Imports Contrasts With Earlier Position
    22/09/2013: Indonesia Becomes Fifth To File WTO Case Against Australia Tobacco Plain-Packaging
    20/09/2013: Negotiators, Stakeholders Tell Tale Of WIPO Marrakesh Treaty Negotiation, Look To Implementation
    20/09/2013: Study: Patent Trolls In US Use Business Method Patents To Target More Firms
    19/09/2013: Nearly Half Of All US Patent Cases Filed In Delaware Or Eastern Texas
    18/09/2013: Patent Troll Nemesis Files For Review Of Troublesome ’799 Patent
    09/09/2013: New Draft South African IP Policy Receives Initial Positive Reactions
    06/09/2013: US Court Forces Apple To Change E-Book Price Fixing
    06/09/2013: Jury Card Shows Resounding Microsoft Win Over Motorola On Standard-Essential Patents
    06/09/2013: COHRED Publishes Guidance For Negotiating Fair Research Contracts, Including IPRs
    26/08/2013: Inside Views: Patently Geopolitical: The New Frontier of Government And Market Interaction
    23/08/2013: US Watchdog Weighs Role Of Non-Practising Entities In Patent Litigation
    02/08/2013: US Justice Department Proposes Remedy In E-Books Case
    31/07/2013: Infojustice: The Question Of Patent Eligible Subject Matter And Evergreening Practices
    30/07/2013: Patent Risk: The ‘New Normal’ In Patent Troll Litigation
    29/07/2013: European Commission Proposes Rules Changes To Create Unitary Patent Court
    29/07/2013: United States Confounded By Standard-Essential Patents
    29/07/2013: Inside Views: Motorola vs. Microsoft And The Future Of FRAND
    17/07/2013: People: Transitions In The Global IP Community
    16/07/2013: Church Leaders, Gun Groups Sue NSA Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Phone Surveillance
    15/07/2013: Inside Views: Micro Entity Status For Universities And AIA Rulemaking On Power Of Attorney
    11/07/2013: EU High Court Upholds Private Copy Levies On First Sale Of Blank Media
    04/07/2013: Inside Views: Happy Birthday To You, Copyrighted
    03/07/2013: Public Interest Groups Ask US Court To Invalidate Stem Cell Patent
    27/06/2013: Copyright Levies Can Be Imposed On Sale Of Printers, Computers, EU High Court Rules
    19/06/2013: European Commission Fines Pharma Companies For Payments To Delay Generic Entry
    17/06/2013: US Supreme Court Rules On Pharma Payments To Delay Generic Drugs On Market
    17/06/2013: US Supreme Court Restricts Gene Patents … A Little
    17/06/2013: Infojustice: The Topsy-Turvy US International Trade Commission
    17/06/2013: Infojustice: A Bumpy Road To Net Neutrality In Brazil
    14/06/2013: Myriad Case Decided: Natural Human Genes Not Patentable In US
    14/06/2013: Poland’s Minister Of Culture Calls For Intellectu​al Property Courts
    04/06/2013: White House Takes Major Action Against “Patent Trolls”
    13/05/2013: US Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of Monsanto In Patent Exhaustion Case
    07/05/2013: Viewing Cached Copyrighted Content Isn’t Infringing, UK Supreme Court Says
    29/04/2013: IP-Watch Readers Save $200 On LES Spring Meeting, 14-16 May In Seattle
    23/04/2013: US Supreme Court May Invalidate Gene Patents, But Create Little Change
    15/04/2013: Inside Views: The Novartis Decision: A Tale Of Developing Countries, IP, And The Role Of The Judiciary
    12/04/2013: EU General Court Clears Copyright Collecting Societies Of Antitrust Charges
    11/04/2013: Community Right To Access Unpublished Works Trumps Moral Rights Of Heir, Argentine Court Says
    04/04/2013: Inside Views: The Judgment In Novartis v. India: What The Supreme Court Of India Said
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