IP-Watch Celebrates 10 Years With An Update!


At Intellectual Property Watch, www.ip-watch.org, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary by innovating to bring you the best independent coverage of international intellectual property policy possible. We are excited to announce our new website design, aimed at making our content easier to read, navigate and organize, with a simpler layout, clear text, more images, and new features like the From the Regions section.

IP-Watch, DiploFoundation Offer Shared Internship In Geneva

Diplo logo

Intellectual Property Watch is pleased to announce a joint internship opportunity with the DiploFoundation/Geneva Internet Platform in Geneva, covering events and issues related to internet governance.

IP-Watch Looks At The Year Ahead In International IP Policy

What will 2013 bring for international intellectual property and innovation policy?

In the coming Intellectual Property Watch series for subscribers, our expert writers take a look at the top global policy issues and events in copyright, public health, legal battles, food security/biotech/biodiversity, trade, development, internet governance and more.

Intellectual Property Watch Thanks You For Your Support

Dear Readers, Intellectual Property Watch would like to thank all of you who responded to our first-ever call for help with a show of support from a range of sectors over the past few weeks. Finding a sustainable model will be essential to our ability to continue bringing you the unique, high-quality reporting, documents and information you have come to expect from us in an open-access format. We still have a long way to go, but we have benefited from your initial financial contributions (including a number from individuals on their own behalf), subscriptions, and helpful suggestions and ideas, including for possible funders, partnerships, marketing and advertising options, and prospects for new subscriptions. In the coming months, you will see changes that reflect these contributions and inputs, as well as new approaches aimed at sustainability. And with a critical turning point looming for IP, innovation and the economy, we hope to keep you on the front lines of policy, law and trends more than ever.

To view the IP-Watch call for help, click here: http://www.ip-watch.org/weblog/wp-admin/page.php?action=edit&post=11476

Reminder: Urgent Call To Support Intellectual Property Watch

Dear Readers, we at Intellectual Property Watch are writing to politely remind you that the financial support of every one of you is needed this year, especially those of you who have long benefited from our open-access work and have never been asked to contribute. We set a target of end of July, just a few days away. We would like to remind you of the reliable reporting and tough-minded analysis that Intellectual Property Watch brings to a complex area that will certainly continue to be at the centre of global policy and legal debates for years to come, whether your topic is IP law, public health, climate change, food security, trade, internet policy and knowledge access, or innovation.

Help Intellectual Property Watch!

In five short years, Intellectual Property Watch has made its mark as the leading independent reporting service on international IP policymaking, respected for its timely and informed content by readers from international organizations, industry, NGOs, civil society, research centres, government, as well as academia. We have provoked debate, exposed controversies, and helped thousands to access a policy conversation long seen as highly technical and closed.

With dramatic shifts occurring in the field of IP and innovation policy and law, our reporting has never been more relevant. But to keep on providing the independent, open-access service that so many of you have come to rely upon, we need your help in the next 3 (THREE!) weeks. By late July, we need to make a decision about IP-Watch’s future.

Intellectual Property Watch Website Updated

Readers may have noticed a few changes to the Intellectual Property Watch website, which we hope will make us easier to use as we bring you the same great content like breaking and in-depth stories and expert views, plus new features like a microblog (the IP Burble), better subscription management, improved search capabilities, a new discussion forum, more podcasts and other products and services.

For those signed up to our RSS feed, you will need to update your feed reader with the following new feed address: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/ip-watch

For personal subscriptions, please always use your email address to login on the new website (your password is unchanged). If any doubt, you can request a new password below the login form.

If you are part of a group subscription, the administrator of your group has received or will receive new instructions.

If you have questions, email us at info@ip-watch.ch.