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IP-Watch interns talk about their Geneva experience in summer 2013. 2:42.

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The Politicization Of The US Patent System

The Washington Post story, How patent reform’s fraught politics have left USPTO still without a boss (July 30), is a vivid account of how patent reform has divided the US economy, preempting a possible replacement for David Kappos who stepped down 18 months ago. The division is even bigger than portrayed. Universities have lined up en masse to oppose reform, while main street businesses that merely use technology argue for reform. Reminiscent of the partisan divide that has paralyzed US politics, this struggle crosses party lines and extends well beyond the usual inter-industry debates. Framed in terms of combating patent trolls through technical legal fixes, there lurks a broader economic concern – to what extent ordinary retailers, bank, restaurants, local banks, motels, realtors, and travel agents should bear the burden of defending against patents as a cost of doing business.

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    27/06/2007: OECD Meeting Highlights New Drug Purchasing Model Despite NGO Doubts
    25/06/2007: « Avancée significative » à l’OMPI : les négociateurs établissent un nouveau mandat pour le développement
    22/06/2007: OECD High-Level Meeting On Neglected Diseases Agrees On Agenda For Action
    22/06/2007: “Gran logro” de los negociadores de la OMPI al crear un nuevo mandato para el desarrollo
    20/06/2007: WIPO Side-Event Highlights Exceptions, Limitations In Broadcasting Treaty
    19/06/2007: WIPO Development Meeting Side-Events Held On Patents, Competition, Implementation
    14/06/2007: Negotiators Agree To Add Access To Knowledge To WIPO Mandate
    14/06/2007: OMPI : des divergences se profilent en vue de la dernière réunion consacrée au projet de traité sur la radiodiffusion
    14/06/2007: WIPO Development Agenda Meeting Snags On Norm-Setting
    13/06/2007: Se avecinan diferencias en la sesión final del tratado sobre radiodifusión
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