South Korea Inks Copyright Protection Deal With Vietnam

Manila, Philippines – The Republic of Korea, or South Korea, has signed an agreement with Vietnam for stronger collaboration in the area of copyright protection. This reflects South Korea’s continuing and more aggressive campaign to protect its copyrighted works here in southeast Asia.

Philippines Mulls Suspended Cybercrime Law Restricting Communication

Manila, Philippines – The Philippine Supreme Court has begun to hear and weigh the arguments on the constitutionality of a controversial law listing punishable activities on the internet. Its implementation was suspended last year amid mounting criticism that, among other things, the law curtails freedom of speech and harks the country back to the almost a decade of repressive martial rule in the 1970s.

South Korea Bolsters Copyright Strategy In K-Pop Crazy States

Manila, Philippines – With the global success of the dance single Gangnam Style, the heyday of the Korean popular music or K-Pop, along with the country’s other creative content, is proving to be far from over. And it’s providing a good reason for the Republic of Korea to bolster its copyright protection strategy, particularly in countries where its creative content exports are most popular and where copyright infringement is inevitable.

A Closer Look Into A WIPO Regional Workshop: Making An Instant IP Whiz

Manila, Philippines – Another destructive typhoon was battering southern Philippines last week, but this did not stop the majority of the delegates coming from the provinces near the affected areas from flying to the capital to attend what organisers touted as a trailblazing programme that has the potential to raise awareness of sophisticated intellectual property tools and policies at the grassroots level in developing countries.

Special Report: With Poor And Uninsured A Majority, Southeast Asia Sees Rise In Generics

Four of the world’s most populous nations are in Southeast Asia and with roughly two-thirds of its population lacking access to medicines, the region holds promise for the cheaper generic drugs. Already, observers are taking note of how the region is changing the dynamics of the global business.

Philippines Heads Toward Expanded Copyright Law

The Philippine Senate, the upper house of the country’s bicameral congress, has approved a bill that seeks to put teeth into its copyright law as the island nation fights a bad reputation as one of the Asian states with high piracy rates. But it also seeks to protect fair use of copyrighted material.

Southeast Asian States Move To Harmonise Their E-Commerce Laws

Cebu City, Philippines – The 10 member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) met over the weekend to advance the groundwork for what is perceived as a challenging but progressing task of harmonising their e-commerce laws, ahead of the region’s nearing deadline of creating an integrated economy by 2015.

US Makes New Exemptions To Digital Millennium Copyright Act Provision

The United States has made new exemptions to a provision in its copyright law that prohibits the circumvention of technological measures to gain access to protected digital works.

South Korea Lends IP Training Support To China

In a move that goes beyond territorial disputes and past atrocities, the Republic of Korea this week hosted a training session for Chinese civil servants on protection of intellectual property rights.

US Court Rules On Fair Use For Blind Users, Digitisation, Amid Treaty Talks

Coinciding with the marathon negotiations at the World Intellectual Property Organization for a potential treaty for the visually-impaired persons, a United States court handed down a ruling this month that goes in favour of copyright exceptions in the digitisation of books for the purposes of preservation, text search and access for the blind.