South African Trade Minister Davies: Election Result May Mean Fast Action On IP Policy

Intellectual property pundits have welcomed South African President Jacob Zuma’s decision to retain Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies in the position following South Africa’s May general elections. And Davies in an interview this week signalled that completing the national intellectual property policy may be a top priority.

New South Africa IP Policy Unlikely Before May Elections

South Africa’s upcoming general elections on 7 May have thrown a spanner in the works of the much-anticipated national draft intellectual property policy from coming into effect anytime soon.

Innovating To Help African Students Learn With Legal, Affordable Textbooks

An innovative South African start-up is offering local university students a way around buying cheap pirated books with a legal print-on-demand service that slashes the price of expensive academic textbooks.

South African Traditional Knowledge Protection Bill Amends IP Laws

The much-debated Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill in South Africa, aimed at boosting protection for traditional knowledge, was signed by President Jacob Zuma without much fanfare and promotion. What happens now?

Concerns Erupt Over Leaked Pharma Lobbying Plan Against IP Policy In South Africa

The South African minister leading the charge in drafting a revised intellectual property policy for the country has expressed his dismay at reports of a pharmaceutical company campaign aimed at derailing the process of implementing the new IP policy.

Comments Received On South Africa’s Process For New IP Policy

CAPE TOWN – The much-anticipated process of public submissions into the draft South Africa National Intellectual Property Policy has come to a close. The country’s trade minister says the office is busy collating the 100 documents submitted by interested stakeholders and plans to submit a formal policy to cabinet for approval in the first quarter of next year.

New Draft South African IP Policy Receives Initial Positive Reactions

The civil society collective formed to pressure the South African government to reform its patent act has cautiously welcomed the release of the country’s draft intellectual property policy.

Global IP Debate Over Rooibos Intensifies As More Claims Surface

In light of increasing attempts to trademark the South African product rooibos, rooibos tea industry stakeholders are considering a call for an audit of the product’s trademarks registered in the world, in order to inform the best strategy to protect it as a unique South African product.

South Africa Moves Toward New IP Policy; Rooibos Industry Seeks Protection

CAPE TOWN – The South African National Intellectual Property Policy is expected to be published this month, after a much-anticipated wait to see what shape and form the policy has given intellectual property rights in the country.

South Africa A Leader In Renewable Energy, Lagging In IP Rights

Leader of the newly formed Renewables Club and rated as a world leader in the green energy race, South Africa has done little to secure this advantage with intellectual property rights of its own.