IP & Traditional Cultural Expressions: An Unnatural Alliance?

Incorporating traditional cultural expressions into an intellectual property system will be an uphill battle, warned a panellist at a recent side event at the World Intellectual Property Organization. But, argued another, it could be one of the best ways for indigenous communities to benefit from their knowledge.

WIPO Members Move To Detailed Talks Toward Folklore Treaty

Delegates negotiating early stages of a treaty on traditional cultural expressions this week got down to details of what to protect, from whom and how in late-night drafting sessions at the World Intellectual Property Organization, and found a work plan for the immediate future on genetic resources as well. Meanwhile, indigenous groups continued to raise concerns about the process.

Officials Work To Advance WIPO Treaty To Protect Biological, Traditional Resources


Delegates this week at the World Intellectual Property Organization are continuing text-based discussions on a legal instrument for traditional knowledge, genetic resources and traditional cultural expressions. This week’s meeting is expected to be a stage-setter for the coming year, considered a key one in the ongoing efforts to solve global biopiracy concerns.

WHO Members Again Attempt Global Plan Against Pandemics

The most recent outbreak of pandemic influenza was mild, but the World Health Organization is still working on a plan of what to do should another, more severe outbreak ever occur. States will come together this month in another attempt to finalise this plan.

Studies Inform WIPO Enforcement Meeting As Development Issues Debated

Development Agenda coordination again topped the agenda this week at the latest World Intellectual Property Organization meeting – this time, in the Advisory Committee on Enforcement. Also causing discussion was how to proceed with the group’s work programme, as seven governments made different suggestions for future topics.

World AIDS Day Brings Calls For Legislative Caution, Reform

Canada’s Parliament has the power to save lives of millions afflicted with HIV around the world if they will act to ease intellectual property-related restrictions on their access to medicines, Canadian civil society groups said today.

Key IP-Related Personnel Changes In UN, National Agencies

The end of the year is bringing many changes in intellectual property-related policy offices in Geneva and the capitals. Some of these changes include top offices at the World Intellectual Property Organization, the World Health Organization, South African government, United States government, and a global internet body. Intellectual Property Watch Subscribers can read the details here.

Should WIPO Lead Creation Of A Global Repertoire Database?

To solve many of the dilemmas facing copyright holders in the digital age, some say the World Intellectual Property Organization must create and administer an international repertoire database, compiling information about who owns what rights related to specific artistic works.