Revised Chinese Patent Law Aims At Quality, Compulsory Licensing

By Jia Hepeng and Yuan Yue for Intellectual Property Watch BEIJING – China’s newly revised patent law could create a more favourable environment for foreign companies to do research in the country, though measures are still needed to implement the law more effectively, according to some legal experts. The updated law also strengthens the government’s […]

China’s New National IP Rights Strategy Puts IP On Its Political Agenda

By Jia Hepeng for Intellectual Property Watch BEIJING – With a newly revealed national strategy on intellectual property rights, China has vowed to place intellectual property in the centre of its political agenda. The outline of the national IP strategy was enacted on 5 June by the State Council, China’s cabinet. It will be followed […]

China Acts To Boost Patents On Publicly Funded Research

By Jia Hepeng for Intellectual Property Watch
BEIJING – In a renewed effort to boost innovation, China has decided to endow scientists with the patents on publicly funded research, but experts say systematic adjustment is needed if the incentive is to achieve its desired effect.

China Proposes Fund To Help Its Firms Fight IP Litigation

By Jia Hepeng for Intellectual Property Watch
BEIJING – China is proposing a fund to help its enterprises cope with rising international litigation related to intellectual property rights (IPRs).

The message, together with other measures, was delivered by Zhang Qin, deputy director of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) at a national corporate IPR meeting on 2 September, but it was not made public until 10 September.

Sun Pingping, a spokeswoman of SIPO, confirmed the news, saying the scale and detailed operation of the fund have not been finalised.

Zhang told the corporate meeting that international legal cases on IP that Chinese enterprises face have been growing. While some of the lawsuits arise from Chinese enterprises’ poor IPR awareness and ownership, it is possible that some multinationals are abusing IPR to block the rise of Chinese firms, he said.

Updating Chinese Traditional Medicine Policy Proves Problematic

By Jia Hepeng for Intellectual Property Watch BEIJING – The revision of a long-controversial rule on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is stranded amidst heated debates. While the government-led revision committee is analysing its stipulations for future implementation, some experts say the stagnancy is largely a result of the gap between the modern patent system and […]