NetMundial Outcome Document Now Available

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The final outcome document of the two-day NetMundial internet governance meeting in Sao Paolo has been posted.

The meeting took place on 23-24 April. The document is available here.

The 11-page “statement” document contains different sections addressing key related and tangential issues to internet governance. It does not appear to include intellectual property directly, but sideswipes the issue in several ways.

For instance, it says:

Intermediary liability limitations should be implemented in a way that respects and promotes economic growth, innovation, creativity and free flow of information. In this regard, cooperation among all stakeholders should be encouraged to address and deter illegal activity, consistent with fair process.”

It also states:

The ability to innovate and create has been at the heart of the remarkable growth of the Internet and it has brought great value to the global society. For the preservation of its dynamism, Internet governance must continue to allow permissionless innovation through an enabling Internet environment, consistent with other principles in this document. Enterprise and investment in infrastructure are essential components of an enabling environment.”

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