New Research Handbook On IP Licensing Available

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A recently released book titled, “The Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing,” explores the complexities of intellectual property licensing law from a comparative perspective through the opinions of leading experts.

The handbook is edited by Jacques de Werra, Professor of Contract Law and Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the University of Geneva Law School.

Contributors include: M. Anderson, P. Beyer, L. Brennan, P. de Miguel Asensio, J. de Werra, F. Dessemontet, J. Dodd, J.C. Ginsburg, H. Goddar, R.W. Gomulkiewicz, R.A. Hillman, J. Hull, N. Krishnamurthy, R.T. Nimmer, M.A. O’Rourke, M. Reutter, A. Strowel, S. Teramoto, B. Vanbrabant, N. Wilkof, and H. Xue.

The publisher states: “This major research tool analyses the features of specific types of licensing agreements and also addresses other practical issues which apply across different types of licensing transactions, such as the treatment of licensing in bankruptcy and the use of arbitration for solving licensing disputes. The Handbook ultimately provides a scholarly contribution to the development of global intellectual property licensing policies.

Including transversal and comparative analysis, this Handbook will appeal to intellectual property licensing practitioners, lawyers and intellectual property and contract law academics.”

Published by Edward Elgar Publishing, more information is available on their website, here.

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