WTO IT Agreement Committee Reports Progress, Reservations

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A group of countries working to expand the World Trade Organization Information Technology Agreement (ITA) showed progress this week, but some continued to have reservations, the WTO reported.

The 17 WTO members (including the European Union as one) participating in talks to expand the ITA product list met on 1 November, according to a WTO press release.

A revised list of products proposed for inclusion will be circulated in mid-December, and negotiations are expected in January.

The release highlights progress made, including in bringing new WTO member Russia into the talks, but also mentions reservations from some countries, especially India, which has previously indicated that its manufacturing activity dropped because of the ITA.

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  1. Tim Roberts says

    Googling “WTO IT Committee” gives remarkably few useful hits. A little explanation of what the ITA does, and the effect of including products (what products?) on the list, would help ignoramuses like me.

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