Intellectual Property Strategy: A Wise Man’s Guide

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A recently published book by Harvard Law School Professor John Palfrey offers a thoughtful and useful handbook for executives or just about anyone else to better understand and use intellectual property, in ways that encourage sharing and openness.

In “Intellectual Property Strategy”, published by MIT Press, Palfrey uses a patient educator’s tone in walking the reader through the steps to assessing IP and making it work in often surprising ways.

With plenty of clear, real-life examples making points along the way, Palfrey opens up new thinking on topics such as treating IP as a core asset class; benefiting from the IP of others – legally; creating freedom of action through IP; and establishing a flexible IP strategy.

An example of the common sense style is the message that, “Sharing can be good for a brand. It is also good to be known as a fair player in the marketplace – honestly licensing to and from others for the benefit not just of the organizations involved but your customers too.”

Another example: “The idea behind open innovation is simple: the creators of new ideas don’t have to be within your organization in order to be helpful.”

The book is not only published in print, but also in an experimental format with a series of companion case studies and related material, to be read in a purely digital format. This allows a “deeper dive” in at points throughout the book online.

More about the book is here.

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