May Edition of IP-Watch Monthly Reporter Now Available

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The Intellectual Property Watch Monthly Reporter features the most important news on international IP policymaking, the latest on who is coming and going in the IP community at the United Nations, World Trade Organization, Geneva missions, regional and national IP offices, industry and non-governmental organisations, plus News Briefs on reports and events that do not appear on the IP-Watch website (

For this and more, read the Intellectual Property Watch Monthly Reporter, now available online for subscribers at:

Page 1 China Shows Developing Country Leadership On Standards,
Open Source
Page 1 WHO Aims For New IP Working Group Document By July
Page 2 Official Sees Swiss Patent Litigation Plan As Global System
Page 3 US WTO Cases Against China Cause Reactions
Page 3 European Commission Stirs Coals Under EU Patent Debate
Page 4 EPO Event Highlights Long-Term Scenarios For IP System
Page 5 EU Copyright Group Seeks Solutions to Digitisation Roadblocks
Page 6 Developing Nations Share Experiences With IP Rights And
Page 7 Challenges Seen For IP System, Patents And WIPO
Page 8 Panel Discusses Conundrum Of WIPO Broadcasting Treaty
Page 9 DRM Actions Impact Copyrighted Content Protection Policy
Page 10 Content Rights Complicate Internet Domain Name Expansion
Page 10 News Briefs
Page 11 People

French and Spanish translations of certain stories are available on

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