July Edition of IP-Watch Monthly Reporter Now Available

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The Intellectual Property Watch Monthly Reporter features unique summaries of events, the latest on who is coming and going at the UN, WTO, Geneva missions, industry and NGOs, plus briefs on reports and events from the IP community.

For this and more, read the Intellectual Property Watch Monthly Reporter, now available online for subscribers at: http://www.ip-watch.org/reporter.php.

July Edition Table of Contents:

Page 1 WIPO Development Agenda Left To General Assembly
Page 1 In WTO Talks, IP Issues On Hold Until Other Issues Move
Page 2 WHO Intergovernmental IP Working Group Expected In July
Page 3 WIPO Members Discuss Budget Controls, Desk-To-Desk Review, New Construction
Page 4 WIPO Members Accept New Top Management; Idris End Date Unclear
Page 7 World Bank Report Urges Caution In Adopting Plant Breeding IP Policy
Page 8 UK Study: NGOs Helpful To Developing Countries’ IP Policy But Could Improve
Page 10 News Briefs
Page 11 People

French and Spanish translations of certain stories may be available on www.ip-watch.org

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