March Edition of IP-Watch Monthly Reporter Available

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Who is the new Brazilian IP negotiator in Geneva? Did EFF’s Cory Doctorow really leave his day job to write a tell-all about the digital rights management “wars”? What are the hottest new research papers on IP policy?

Find out in the News Briefs section of the March edition of Intellectual Property Watch’s Monthly Reporter, now available on our website,

The monthly publication, available online and in hard copy every month, features an updated compilation of top stories appearing on the IP-Watch website, plus latest news about people and ideas. Go to to read the March edition.

March Edition Table of Contents:

p. 1 WIPO Committee Forms Draft For Future Development Agenda Talks
p. 1 UN Meeting Forwards Draft Global Regime On Use Of Genetic Resources
p. 3 Consultations On Geographical Indications Aim To Structure Discussions At WTO
p. 4 WSIS Internet Governance Forum Begins To Take Shape
p. 5 Consumers International: WIPO Copyright Advice Misleading To Developing Countries
p. 6 Agriculture/Biotech Industry Opposes Development Agenda
p. 7 Top WIPO Copyright Official Promotes DRMs, Stresses Cooperation
p. 7 After Grokster, Industry Seeks Legal P2P As Mobile Music Takes Over
p. 10 News Briefs

Spanish and French translations of selected stories will follow.

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